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Battle Addict – Episode 25

This week we were joined by King of the Dot West Coast president Lush One to talk about the resurgence of the the west coast over the past couple of years, the upcoming Vendetta 2 event, his beef with Mad Illz, and plenty more. Plus, Cole battled Yagerbomb and Bpayne took on Larry Word.

Battle Addict – Episode 25

Battle Addict – Episode 23

This week we were joined by battle rap pioneer Drect to talk about his long history in the sport, the current state of things, what the future holds, and much more. Plus SBOfficial freestyles and Quintilis drops some bars.

Battle Addict – Episode 23

Battle Addict – Episode 22

This week we were joined by TheSuburbCeleb and A-Class to talk about SupaNova Battle League, A-Class calling out some top names, his upcoming battle against Pro’Verb and more. Plus special call ins from Pro’Verb, Codez, and Unanimous and 3 on-air battles.

Battle Addict – Episode 22

Battle Addict – Episode 19

February 13, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by Sun Tzu to talk bout his debut album “The Mind of Silence,” his battle against Fredo, URL/KOTD battlers, and much more. Also, we’ll have a big announcement regarding The Hit. Plus, Memphis spits his bars for Solace and Quintilis battles Blanco.

Battle Addict – Episode 19

Battle Addict – Episode 18

February 6, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by one of the top up and comers in battle rap Danny Myers to discuss his recent classic against Rum Nitty, his URL PG battles, his plans for 2014, and plenty more. Plus two on-air battles as Quintilis Destroyer takes on Solace254 and 18thLetter battles SBOfficial.

Battle Addict – Episode 18

Battle Addict – Episode 16

January 23, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by battle rap star Shotty Horroh to talk about coming out of retirement, battling this weekend at Blackout 4, leaving Don’t Flop, and more. Plus 3 on air battles, including Detour vs. XQZ, and Detour announces his URL PG opponent.

Battle Addict – Episode 16

Battle Addict – Episode 15

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment

This week PJ Sumroc and I were joined by battle rap legend TheSaurus to talk about Blackout 4, his experiences with Don’t Flop, his battles in 2013, potential upcoming battles, and much more. Plus two on air battles as Erik Foreman takes on Sonny Daze and Roddy Lo battles 18th Letter.

Battle Addict – Episode 15


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