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Battle Addict – Episode 20

February 20, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by Ness Lee to talk about Erik Foreman ducking him, his break from battle rap, his recent performances, and his music. Plus, The Hit Day 1 took place as Type Z battled Vokab in the main event, SBOfficial took on Memphis, Golden Flamez squared off against 18th Letter, and Lil Ill made his debut about BPayne.

Battle Addict – Episode 20

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 203

100 Bulletz joins the Man Cave to talk battle rap and MMA. We’ll talk about his recent battles with Dirtbag Dan and TheSaurus and how he felt about his performances. He’ll also clear up the promo vs. judged controversy from the Dan battle and give his thoughts on Daylyt getting naked in Don’t Flop. Plus we’ll preview this weekend’s URL Night of Main Events 3 card and talk a little MMA.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 203

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 168

March 8, 2013 1 comment

100 Bulletz joins the Man Cave to talk about his rise in the battle rap game, his URL PG debut, Team Innuendo, and the Dizaster vs. Arcane controversy. Plus, as always, I’ll get his thoughts on some of the big upcoming MMA bouts.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 168

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 159

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Stewart Lange joins the Man Cave to talk about the big King of the Dot title match between Dizaster and Arcane. We’ll talk about Arcane buying bars from Caustic, the crowd influencing judges, Dizaster’s performance as a whole, and the next step for KOTD and Arcane. Plus we’ll talk a little general battle rap at the end.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 159

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 95

Top battle rapper Karsten Shreve aka 100 Bulletz joins the Man Cave to talk all things battle rap and some MMA. We’ll discuss his latest battle against Kid Twist and how the 2012 KOTD Grand Prix has been going for him. Then we’ll talk about recent battle rap events including KOTD World Domination 3 and URL Summer Madness 2 and the Canibus disaster. Finally we’ll close the show with some MMA talk.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 95


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