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Wrestling DVR – WWE Royal Rumble 2003

In this edition of Wrestling DVR, Samer Kadi and I discuss the 2003 WWE Royal Rumble. We’ll talk about the epic Scott Steiner vs. Triple H match, the less than epic Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle match, and the Royal Rumble itself. Plus a look at the history of the tag titles and John Cena’s Rumble Rap.

Wrestling DVR – WWE Royal Rumble 2003

Wrestling DVR – WWF Armageddon 2000 Review

In this edition of Wrestling DVR (a new/old show with an awesome intro theme), Samer Kadi and I review WWF Armageddon 2000. We’ll talk about how disappointing this show was overall, how disappointing the main event was, and how the show dragged. We’ll also do impressions of The Rock doing impressions of other wrestlers. Spoiler: We’re not as good as The Rock.

Wrestling DVR – WWF Armageddon 2000 Review

Crowd Goes Wilder – WWE Talk

In this edition of Crowd Goes Wilder, Steve Cook and I discuss WWE booking without Daniel Bryan, come up with wacky ideas for WWE summer programming, and talk about the latest episodes of Total Divas and Legends House.

Crowd Goes Wilder – WWE Talk

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Review Roundtable

Samer Kadi and Larry Csonka join the Man Cave to discuss Wrestlemania 30. We’ll talk about all the matches and segments, give our thoughts on the match quality and booking, and I’ll provide a live prospective from the Silv…Superdome on what went down at the event.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Review Roundtable

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Roundtable

Larry Csonka and Deshaun Sheppard join the Man Cave to preview Wrestlemania 30. We’ll discuss the matches, the build up, and give our predictions. We’ll talk about whether or not Triple H will actually put himself over Daniel Bryan, how WWE continues to drop the ball with Brock Lesnar, and the awesome build up to John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Plus ANGRY LARRY AND STUPID DESHAUN!

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Roundtable

Wrestling Thoughts – Road to Wrestlemania: Week 6

Last night was the go home show to Wrestlemania and I did the recap for 411mania. I’m going to link to it, but please don’t read it because I need to make sure Steve Cook remains the #1 option. Don’t click here.

So what kind of last impression did WWE leave? Read on.

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Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave for another WRESTLEMANIA REVIEW! This time we’ll look at Wrestlemania 17, which is considered by many to be the greatest PPV of all-time. We’ll talk about the epicness of Steve Austin vs. The Rock along with the rest of the card and discuss the fallout from this event, which many believe is the end of the Attitude Era.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Wrestling Thoughts – Road To Wrestlemania: Week 5

We’re less than two weeks until Wrestlemania 30 and WWE seemed to be on cruise control this week on Raw. That’s not a good thing.

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Wrestling Thoughts – Road To Wrestlemania: Week 4

Following last week’s outstanding Raw that gave the people what they want, how did WWE follow it up heading into Wrestlemania 30?

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Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 12 Review

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to look back at Wrestlemania 12 featuring one of our favorite matches of all-time: THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR SQUASHING TRIPLE H!!!! We also enjoyed the classic match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart and The Undertaker’s first good Wrestlemania match against Diesel. We’ll review the entire show and talk about the careers of Michaels and Hart following this match.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 12 Review


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