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Wrestling DVR – WWF Armageddon 2000 Review

In this edition of Wrestling DVR (a new/old show with an awesome intro theme), Samer Kadi and I review WWF Armageddon 2000. We’ll talk about how disappointing this show was overall, how disappointing the main event was, and how the show dragged. We’ll also do impressions of The Rock doing impressions of other wrestlers. Spoiler: We’re not as good as The Rock.

Wrestling DVR – WWF Armageddon 2000 Review

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave for another WRESTLEMANIA REVIEW! This time we’ll look at Wrestlemania 17, which is considered by many to be the greatest PPV of all-time. We’ll talk about the epicness of Steve Austin vs. The Rock along with the rest of the card and discuss the fallout from this event, which many believe is the end of the Attitude Era.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 178

April 11, 2013 1 comment

Larry Csonka and Samer Kadi join the Man Cave to look back at Wrestlemania 29 and the fallout. We’ll talk about all the matches, give our thoughts on why it was an average at best show, and even hand out a few stars ratings. Plus we’ll discuss the fallout on Raw and where WWE goes from here. And finally, at the end of the podcast, I bust out some rap lyrics.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 178

Wrestling Thoughts – Wrestlemania 29 Feels Familiar

A look at how Wrestlemania 29 “really” shaped up.

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Wrestling Thoughts – Breaking Down Wresltemania 29

Like last year, I take a “real” look at the biggest wrestling event of the year.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 176

Larry Csonka and Samer Kadi join the Man Cave to preview the biggest wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania 29. We’ll look at all the matches and give our thoughts on the build up to the big matches, how they’ll play out, and who will win. Plus we’ll explore the potential fallout of the show and predict the buyrate.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 176

Random Man Cave Thoughts – Edition #2

Topics for this week: Joe Flacco’s contract and the Baltimore Ravens trading Anquan Boldin, the television show “Revenge,” and the road to Wrestlemania

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 162

February 21, 2013 1 comment

Larry Csonka joins the Man Cave for a chat about sports entertainment. We’ll start with the UFC’s shocking release of Jon Fitch and why it happened before talking about WWE Elimination Chamber, Jack Swagger being an idiot, and the booking of The Shield. Finally we’ll end with Larry and I discussing our recent trip to Bellator 89

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 162

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 155

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Steve Cook joins the Man Cave to preview the biggest football game of the year. We’ll spend 40 minutes dissecting this Sunday’s Super Bowl, looking at the game from all angles, and talking about the offense vs. defense match-ups before making our predictions. Then we’ll talk a little bit of hockey before wrapping up with a review of the WWE Royal Rumble.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 155

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 150

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Larry Csonka joins the Man Cave to preview this weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble event. We’ll talk about the Rumble match, the terrible final Raw segment, bring up some of our favorite memories, and give our prediction as to who will win. We’ll also talk about The Rock vs. CM Punk, the build up to it, and how we think the match will go. Plus we’ll look at the rest of the card, speculate on The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania plans, and even talk a little TNA at the end.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 150


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