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Crowd Goes Wilder – WWE, Reds, NBA, and More

In this edition of Crowd Goes Wilder, Steve Cook and I discuss a cornucopia of topics. We start with the latest edition of WWE Raw and this Sunday’s Battleground event, move on to the Cincinnati Reds and Cook’s midseason grade, discuss LeBron James returning to Cleveland and other free agent moves, and finish with an admiration for Disney Channel hotties.

Crowd Goes Wilder – WWE, Reds, NBA, and More

Leave The Memories Alone – UFC 175, NBA Free Agency, World Cup

In this edition of Leave The Memories Alone, Samer Kadi and I discuss this weekend’s UFC 175; why we were excited for it and now are less excited and how the UFC marketing of the fight sucks. Plus, we talk about the “Pau Gasol to Oklahoma City Thunder” rumor and look back at Team USA being eliminated from the World Cup.

Leave The Memories Alone – UFC 175, NBA Free Agency, World Cup

NBA Thoughts – Stop Believing In The Lakers

My thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers and why people should stop believing they have a chance to do damage in the playoffs.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 156

February 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Deshaun Sheppard joins the Man Cave for our monthly look back at the NBA. We’ll talk about all the happenings in January including the Memphis Grizzlies blowing up a championship team, Rajon Rondo’s injury and how it impacts the Celtics, the consistency of the San Antonio Spurs, and, of course, plenty of talk about Deshaun’s Los Angeles Lakers and their continued woes. Plus we’ll preview the NBA All-Star game and the trade deadline.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 156

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 89

August 13, 2012 1 comment

#1 Los Angeles Lakers fan Deshaun Sheppard joins the Man Cave to discuss the big Dwight Howard to the Lakers trade made over the weekend. We’ll explore the trade from all aspects including how he’ll gel with Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol, whether or not this makes the Lakers the favorite to win the title, Dwight’s future past this season, and more. Then we’ll talk about how the other teams in the trade fared and why I love JaVale McGee. Plus we’ll look back at Team USA Basketball’s gold medal run in the Olympics.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 89

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 20

My brother from another mother Todd Bergman joins the Man Cave to talk about where Peyton Manning may end up, the NBA trade deadline, and the build to WWE Wrestlmania. We’ll run down all the teams and pick where we think Manning will play next season, look at the players on the NBA trading block and come up with some fake trades, discuss how John Cena has been dominating The Rock on the mic these past couple of weeks, and much more.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 20


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