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Battle Addict – Episode 20

February 20, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by Ness Lee to talk about Erik Foreman ducking him, his break from battle rap, his recent performances, and his music. Plus, The Hit Day 1 took place as Type Z battled Vokab in the main event, SBOfficial took on Memphis, Golden Flamez squared off against 18th Letter, and Lil Ill made his debut about BPayne.

Battle Addict – Episode 20

Battle Addict – Episode 16

January 23, 2014 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by battle rap star Shotty Horroh to talk about coming out of retirement, battling this weekend at Blackout 4, leaving Don’t Flop, and more. Plus 3 on air battles, including Detour vs. XQZ, and Detour announces his URL PG opponent.

Battle Addict – Episode 16

Battle Addict – Episode 15

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment

This week PJ Sumroc and I were joined by battle rap legend TheSaurus to talk about Blackout 4, his experiences with Don’t Flop, his battles in 2013, potential upcoming battles, and much more. Plus two on air battles as Erik Foreman takes on Sonny Daze and Roddy Lo battles 18th Letter.

Battle Addict – Episode 15

Battle Addict – Episode 14

This week we’ll be joined by Real Talk to discuss his battle against Illimit, which will be dropping next week, upcoming battles, and his big 2013. Plus we’ll discuss the final King of the Dot Blackout 4 announcements and give away a free PPV pass for the event. Tune in to find out how to win.

Battle Addict – Episode 14

Battle Addict – Episode 13

It’s the first show of 2014 and we’re now 90 minutes. This week battle rapper and Assault & Battling president Absyrd will join the show to talk about the upcoming A&B card, his battle with QP, the drama with Lush One, and more. Plus our own PJ Sumroc battles Gun So Big.

Battle Addict – Episode 13

Battle Addict – Episode 9

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment

This week PJ Sumroc and I were joined by battle rap veteran Dirtbag Dan to discuss his recent battles, stepping away for a bit, The Dirtbag Dan Show, losing friends over honesty, and plenty more. Plus a look at the upcoming UW Battle League event and Mos Prob proposing during a battle.

Battle Addict – Episode 9

Battle Addict – Episode 8

November 14, 2013 Leave a comment

This week we were joined by battle rapper Illipsis to talk about KOTD vs. Don’t Flop, recent and upcoming battles, his writing process, his text battle on RMBVA, and much more. Plus PJ gave us a recap of the KOTD Seattle event, which he attended live and we discuss KOTD vs. Don’t Flop from all angles. And, as always, your calls.

Battle Addict – Episode 8

Battle Addict – Episode 5

October 24, 2013 Leave a comment

This week PJ Sumroc and I were joined by Sesamill from iBattle Worldwide to discuss their latest event: Takeover 2 and upcoming events. Plus UncleMyu and SonnyDaze take part in the first ever Battle Addict on-air battle. Plus a discussion about Charron vs. Arsonal.

Battle Addict – Episode 5

Battle Addict – Episode 2

Hosts Jeremy Lambert and PJ Sumroc will discuss the latest battle rap news including Don’t Flop 5th Birthday, Philly Invasion cancellation, and more, the latest battles including Bonnie Godiva vs. Young Gattas, Hollohan vs. Charlie Clips, and T-Rex vs. Calicoe. Plus take your phone calls throughout the entire show.

Battle Addict – Episode 2

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 203

100 Bulletz joins the Man Cave to talk battle rap and MMA. We’ll talk about his recent battles with Dirtbag Dan and TheSaurus and how he felt about his performances. He’ll also clear up the promo vs. judged controversy from the Dan battle and give his thoughts on Daylyt getting naked in Don’t Flop. Plus we’ll preview this weekend’s URL Night of Main Events 3 card and talk a little MMA.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 203


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