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Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Review Roundtable

Samer Kadi and Larry Csonka join the Man Cave to discuss Wrestlemania 30. We’ll talk about all the matches and segments, give our thoughts on the match quality and booking, and I’ll provide a live prospective from the Silv…Superdome on what went down at the event.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Review Roundtable

Battle Addict – Episode 25

This week we were joined by King of the Dot West Coast president Lush One to talk about the resurgence of the the west coast over the past couple of years, the upcoming Vendetta 2 event, his beef with Mad Illz, and plenty more. Plus, Cole battled Yagerbomb and Bpayne took on Larry Word.

Battle Addict – Episode 25

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Roundtable

Larry Csonka and Deshaun Sheppard join the Man Cave to preview Wrestlemania 30. We’ll discuss the matches, the build up, and give our predictions. We’ll talk about whether or not Triple H will actually put himself over Daniel Bryan, how WWE continues to drop the ball with Brock Lesnar, and the awesome build up to John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Plus ANGRY LARRY AND STUPID DESHAUN!

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 Roundtable

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 & Total Divas

Steve Cook joins the Man Cave to preview Wrestlemania 30 and more. We’ll rundown the show and give our predictions before talking about the latest episode of Total Divas and the awesomeness of Summer Rae. Plus, we’ll continue talking about the NCAA Tournament, discuss Cincinatti Reds opening day, and even talk about Cook’s new job.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 30 & Total Divas

Wrestling Thoughts – Road to Wrestlemania: Week 6

Last night was the go home show to Wrestlemania and I did the recap for 411mania. I’m going to link to it, but please don’t read it because I need to make sure Steve Cook remains the #1 option. Don’t click here.

So what kind of last impression did WWE leave? Read on.

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Reds Thoughts – 2014 Season Preview

I have to admit that the start of baseball season snuck up on me. What with my trip to Wrestlemania 30 next week, the Colorado Avalanche actually having success and going to the playoffs, and the Oklahoma City Thunder title push underway; I just wasn’t paying much attention to the least important team in my pecking order (sorry Reds Nation) and the start of a season that lasts 162 games.

You guys count on me to deliver the goods though, so here’s my 2014 Cincinatti Reds preview.

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Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave for another WRESTLEMANIA REVIEW! This time we’ll look at Wrestlemania 17, which is considered by many to be the greatest PPV of all-time. We’ll talk about the epicness of Steve Austin vs. The Rock along with the rest of the card and discuss the fallout from this event, which many believe is the end of the Attitude Era.

Man Cave Podcast – Wrestlemania 17 Review

Battle Addict – Episode 24

WE’RE BACK! And we’ve got a huge show as we were joined by Swave Sevah and Big Kannon to talk about this weekend’s The Crown event and so much more. Both men have accomplished a lot in battle rap so there should be no shortage of topics. Plus, we had a couple of on-air battles.

Battle Addict – Episode 24

Man Cave Podcast – MMA Tournament Of Bad

Samer Kadi and Mike Fagan join the Man Cave to discuss Fagan’s MMA Tournament of Bad, which is the best thing in MMA. We’ll basically make fun of all the silliness in MMA, which includes, but isn’t limited to; MMA Roasted, Dana White, the media, and the trolls. Make sure to vote in the MMA Tournament of Bad by clicking here.

Man Cave Podcast – MMA Tournament Of Bad

Wrestling Thoughts – Road To Wrestlemania: Week 5

We’re less than two weeks until Wrestlemania 30 and WWE seemed to be on cruise control this week on Raw. That’s not a good thing.

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