My name is Jeremy Lambert. I am a veteran sports and entertainment writer who has been covering pro wrestling and MMA since 2005. I’ve written for Gerweck.net, 411Mania.com, FiveOuncesOfPain.com, and various other freelance sites.

Thoughts From The Man Cave Feature List

Podcasts – Podcasts talking about a variety of subjects including TV show retrospectives, sports, movie reviews, music, and more. Frequent guests include Samer Kadi (MMA previews/reviews), Steve Cook (various sports), Larry Csonka (wrestling), Mark Radulich (TV/Movies), and others. Interviews with mainstream personalities are also a possibility.

The Bachelor Pad – A weekly podcast with Deshaun Sheppard talking about the week in sports and entertainment.

Team Thoughts/Team Tidbits – Thoughts on my favorite sports teams; Oklahoma City Thunder, Colorado Avalanche, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Reds, from the four major sports. Team tidbits is a short version of columns that include thoughts on multiple teams.

Sports/Pop Culture Thoughts – Thoughts on a major topic from either the sports world or pop culture.

Random Thoughts – Thoughts on sports/pop culture that is too short to be a column but is still something worth writing about.

Occupy The Throne – An archive of my weekly MMA column with Samer Kadi. The column originally appears on 411mania.com

MMA Previews/Reviews – A preview and review of the main card of major MMA events.

Flashback Journal – Reviewing old sporting events with the luxury of hindsight.

Guest Posts – Guest posts are always welcome on the site as long as the topic relates to sports or pop culture.

Contributor List

Dustin James – Dustin contributes college football, NFL, and NBA season previews and various recaps.

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