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UFC on FOX 6: Johnson vs. Dodson Preview – LITTLE GUYS!

My preview of UFC on FOX 6, which is a great card highlighting the lighter weight classes.

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson: Alberto Del Rio is going to be pissed when he finds out that this is for the World Title and that his match with the Big Show is meaningless. I can’t say I’m super excited for this fight, because I don’t really care all that much about either guy, but I do think it’ll be a fun fight. Dodson hits hard and can be unpredictable with his explosiveness, but he can also be very passive and frustrating to watch. Johnson isn’t going to overwhelm you with excitement, but he does everything well and at a high pace. He’s good offensively and defensively and seems to get better with every fight. He’s not a great wrestler, but he is good at mixing up his takedowns with his strikes and quickly changing levels. Dodson is a good wrestler, but if Johnson can get him down and initiate scrambles, he’s in trouble as Johnson is the quicker and better grappler. I expect Johnson to be the slightly more aggressive fighter, which could allow him to steal rounds, but Dodson is always one strike away from ending his opponents night. This should be a close fight with both men displaying a lot of speed and technique but in the end I think Johnson does enough to take a hotly costed decision.

Prediction: Johnson, Decision

Quinton Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira: Counting on Jackson to show up focussed, in shape, and diverse is like asking Taylor Swift to not write a song about how someone wronged her. At this point in his career, Jackson has turned into a one-trick pony. Granted that trick isn’t terrible because he packs a hell of a punch, but if Teixeira can avoid the big hooks of Jackson, he should have no trouble winning this fight. Teixeira’s striking isn’t as good as some people will make it out to be, but he does have a solid clinch game and an even better ground game, especially on top. If Teixeira can get Jackson down, he’s not just going to sit in guard and do little, he’s going to pass and beat him up. I’m not as sold on Teixeira as a lot of people are, but it’s nearly impossible to trust Jackson at this point. He hasn’t had a good performance in years, hasn’t fought in almost a year, and is only taking this fight to finish up his contract. There’s always a chance that Jackson catches Teixeira, but if Teixeira is as good as he’s hyped up to be, he takes this fight. Jackson is a tough guy to finish (although his chin isn’t what it once was) but I think Teixeira takes a clear cut decision.

Prediction: Teixeira, Decision

Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis: This is the real main event. I just can’t imagine a scenario in which this fight is boring. Maybe if it ends in a quick finish fans will wonder “what could’ve been?” but is anyone going to complain about a potentially spectacular finish? Both guys say they’re going to stand in front of each other and throw until the other guy falls, and when it comes to Cerrone and Pettis, I actually believe them. To an extent. Cerrone isn’t a dumb fighter, but he is someone who will throw caution to the wind if it means putting on a great fight. The same can be said about Pettis, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. Cerrone is the more diverse striker as he’ll throw kicks along with punches and knees. Pettis isn’t a terrible boxer, but he relies heavily on his kicks and creativity. If either guy isn’t feeling good about the way things are going on the feet, don’t be shocked if they go for a takedown. Cerrone’s wrestling has really improved over the years and Pettis is a dynamic wrestler in his own right. Even if the fight hits the ground we’re in for some excitement as both men are extremely active from the bottom. Pettis has a great triangle while Cerrone has quick hips and is underrated in the scrambles. This fight could go either way and any outcome wouldn’t shock me, but I slightly favor Cerrone because I think he’ll be the busier of the two fighters and land the cleaner strikes over the course of 15-minutes.

Prediction: Cerrone, Decision

Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas: Koch was due a couple of title shots last year but didn’t get them because of injuries. Now, so people remember who the hell he is, he has to face Lamas. Lamas is solid on the feet, but Koch is definitely the better striker with more power. Also, Lamas’ chin is a bit questionable. That said, Lamas is the better wrestler and grappler. Koch works well off his back, but I don’t think he’ll be able to get anything going against Lamas, who completely nullified the ground game of Hatsu Hioki. Getting Koch down could be a problem though, as his takedown defense has greatly improved since the Chad Mendes fight and Lamas, while a good wrestler, isn’t on the level of Mendes. I think Lamas struggles for takedowns and gets thoroughly out-struck en route to a Koch decision with a slight chance that he finishes him in the latter half of the fight.

Prediction: Koch, Decision

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