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Music Thoughts – Slaughterhouse: No Fake MC’s

My thoughts on Slaughterhouse’s new CD Welcome to: Our House.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 98

Mark Radulich joins the Man Cave to finish up our look back at The Wire as we review season 5. We’ll talk about the return of Jimmy McNulty being Jimmy McNulty, sensationalism in the media, how Omar went out like just another guy, the redemption of Bubbles, and so much more. As always, if you love the show, then this is a great way to look back on season 5 and the show as a whole.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 98

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 97

Steve Cook joins the Man Cave to preview the upcoming NFL season in detail. We’ll look at all the teams, give our playoff picks, give our Super Bowl picks, and go out on some limbs. Cook will call the Steelers defense old, I’ll praise the Patriots offense, Cook will try and sell me on the Panthers winning the division, and much more. Plus we’ll make some friendly wagers at the end of the show.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 97

NCAA Football Thoughts – 12-13 Season Preview

August 28, 2012 1 comment

Dustin James is back with another guest post as this time he previews the NCAA College Football season in this extensive conference by conference breakdown.

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Gossip Thoughts – Give Miley Cyrus A Job

Thoughts on how Miley Cyrus went from a major star to a future trophy wife.

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Occupy The Throne – Edition #25

In this edition of Occupy The Throne, Samer Kadi and I take a look at the future of Women’s MMA.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 96

The peoples podcaster Adam Tool steps up on short notice to try and make sense of this whole UFC 151 mess. We’ll discuss Jon Jones turning down the fight with Chael Sonnen, UFC canceling next Saturday’s event, how the cancelation affects the rest of the fighters on the card, and how Dana White handled things on the media call.

*Note: This podcast was recorded before Vitor Belfort replaced Lyoto Machida at UFC 152*

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 96

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 95

Top battle rapper Karsten Shreve aka 100 Bulletz joins the Man Cave to talk all things battle rap and some MMA. We’ll discuss his latest battle against Kid Twist and how the 2012 KOTD Grand Prix has been going for him. Then we’ll talk about recent battle rap events including KOTD World Domination 3 and URL Summer Madness 2 and the Canibus disaster. Finally we’ll close the show with some MMA talk.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 95

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 94

Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to look back at Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman. We’ll marvel over the quick and impressive performances of Ronda Rousey and “Jacare” Souza, once again tell you why very little in Strikeforce matters anymore, and then rundown the rest of the card. Amazingly enough, this is a pretty on point podcast despite the subject matter.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 94

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 93

Mark Radulich joins the Man Cave to continue our look back at The Wire. In this episode we’ll review season 4, which introduces plenty of new characters and puts the focus on the kids. We’ll look at the lives of Randy, Michael, Namond, and Duquan, why school systems are so screwed up, and how Marlo took over the streets. Once again, if you love the show, this is a great way to relive its greatness.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 93


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