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Occupy The Throne – Edition #18

In this edition of Occupy The Throne, Samer Kadi & I take a look back at the career of Fedor Emelianenko.

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Avalanche Thoughts – Free Agency Preview

Thoughts on what the Colorado Avalanche will do in free agency.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 71

Todd Bergman joins the Man Cave to preview the NBA Draft and talk about random topics. We’ll rundown the entire first round of the NBA Draft and give our picks for every team, even though half of them won’t make sense due to the 500 trades that are bound to happen on draft day. Plus Todd makes a bold statement about the future of #1 overall pick Anthony Davis. Then we’ll hit a bunch of random topics including my upcoming tripe to Indy, Greg Olson, and Magic Mike.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 71

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 70

All-around personality Mark Radulich joins the Man Cave to look back at one of the greatest TV shows in history, The Wire. Unlike in previous TV show review podcasts though, we couldn’t fit all the details of The Wire series into one podcast, so we’re looking back season by season. In this episode we’ll go through season one and give our thoughts on all the main plots including Jimmy McNulty’s quest for greatness, Stringer Bell’s quest for legitimate success, D’Angelo Barksdale’s quest to understand the game, Omar’s quest for revenge, and so much more. We’ll go into as many details as we can about the season and tell you why you should watch the show if you love smart television.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 70

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 69

A rightfully angry Samer Kadi joins the Man Cave to look back at UFC on FX 4 and UFC 147. Samer is angry due to a technical screw up on my part that had us re-recording the first 30 minutes, which led to the worst 30 minutes in the shows history including Samer threatening me like Anderson Silva threatened Chael Sonnen. So if you want to skip the UFC on FX 4 review since you likely skipped the actual event anyway, no one will blame you. Things are smooth sailing once we get into UFC 147 though, except for the fact that only two fights mattered, but we spend plenty of time telling you why they mattered.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 69

UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin 2 Review – They Gave Their Best

June 25, 2012 2 comments

A review of UFC 147, which featured a great main event with a Brazilian legend, a big fight for a Brazilian heavyweight, and a bunch of soon to be irrelevant Brazilians.

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UFC on FX 4: Maynard vs. Guida Review – The Double Turn

A review of UFC on FX 4, which featured a solid main card until a terrible main event.

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