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Wrestling Thoughts – Breaking Down Wrestlemania 28

Since there are real betting odds on this years Wrestlemania, I thought it would be fun to break down the card if the event were actually a real sporting contest.

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Occupy The Throne – Edition #5

In this weeks Occupy The Throne, Samer Kadi and I discuss MMA’s need to be loved by constantly comparing itself and cutting down other sports.

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Avalanche Thoughts – Can I Switch Teams?

March 29, 2012 1 comment

My thoughts on the Colorado Avalanche likely bringing back head coach Joe Sacco next season.

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Man Cave Podcast – Episode 27

My brother from another mother Todd Bergman and die hard Louisville Cardinals fan Steve Cook join the Man Cave to talk about the NFL, Wrestlemania, March Madness, and more. Tberg and I finally wrap up our coverage of Peyton Manning Watch 2012 with our thoughts on him going to the Broncos and the Jets trading for Tim Tebow, Cook helps us preview Wrestlemania 28 with thoughts on all the big matches, and Cook rants about annoying Kentucky fans. Plus, in what turned out to be my favorite chat in this history of this podcast, we reminisce about Saved By The Bell.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 27

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 26

The unofficial official co-host Samer Kadi is back along with 411Mania boss Larry Csonka in the Man Cave to talk about Wrestlemania 28. We’ll rundown the entire card, give our thoughts on how things have been built up, whether or not the matches will be any good, and who will win and why.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 26

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 25

My best friend, March Madness partner, and hockey therapist Mike Brendle joins the Man Cave to continue our discussion about this years NCAA tournament. Believe it or not, our bracket is in the 90th percentile on so it’s obvious that we’re geniuses. I’ll also rant and rave about the Colorado Avalanche stretch run and my hate for Joe Sacco while Mike gives us One Lap of NASCAR and some Tiger Woods talk.

Man Cave Podcast – Episode 25

Movie Thoughts – Oh Jennifer Lawrence & The Hunger Games, How I Love Thee

March 23, 2012 1 comment

Thoughts on how and why The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence will take over the world. Plus a challenge to every man who loves Jennifer Lawrence.

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